“Constantin Filipescu” Technological Highschool is located in the city of Caracal; its population exceeds 30,000 inhabitants. It is a poorly developed locality; the number of the unemployed is high; the active population benefits from low incomes, and each family complements their resources with products of the earth – in the case of those who have relatives in rural areas. Because of work, some parents neglect children’s education.

A large part of the population of our municipality is made up of Roma. Our school has always been located in the neighborhood of Roma neighborhoods, which makes the majority of the school population to be made up of Roma.

The pupils’ access to the school is made on a public road, asphalted, circulated; the school is close to the train station and the center.

“Constantin Filipescu” Technological Highschool is an educational institution that provides training to the young people of Caracal and its surroundings in the technical field, competence level 3 and 4 in the fields of constructions, installations and public works and the textile and leather industry; specializations: technician in construction and public works, technician in textile industry. “Constantin Filipescu” Technological Highschool aims at forming the autonomous and creative personality of the pupils, ensuring a training based on knowledge of general culture and training of professional competences, enabling the students to practice in their field of education, to continue their studies in high school or making your own business.

The current “Constantin Filipescu” Technological Highschool, located at 11, Vasile Alecsandri Street, is the heir of the Moga and Filipescu schools and has a history of more than 150 years. Starting September 1, 2017, as a result of the reorganization of the school network, the  Primary and Secondary School No. 1 Caracal becomes a high school structure. Located in the Protoseni neighborhood, on Mihai Viteazul street no. 2, on the ruins of the former Royal Court of Mihai Viteazul Ban, the school is on the list of historical monuments, being known as the first public school in our town, “Protoseni School”. It was established in 1832, being the continuation of the Boys School No.1. All due to the reorganization of the school network, starting with September 1, 2018, Kindergarten with Normal Program Nr. 1 becomes a high school structure.

The School Vision: “We are a school strongly committed to community development, capable of delivering quality education and performance, promoting open and permanent dialogue with social and educational partners.”

The mission: Our school has open doors for all children, giving them equal chances for integration into a democratic society in a continuous and rapid process of change. Through its material base and through its teachers, the school promotes a student-centered modern education that alternates traditional teaching and active-participatory methods. “

In the school year 2018-2019 the high school staff are 910 pupils distributed on preschool, primary, gymnasium, vocational and high-school level education.

Teachers – 69

Auxiliary teaching staff: 8, as follows: 1 school mediator, 1 accountant, 1- 1/2 data base operators, 1 librarians, 1- 1/2 secretary, 1 technician, 1 informant.

Non-teaching staff: 13 as follows: 5 guards, 2 maintenance workers, 6 cleaners carers.

The school has 7 copiers, 9 printers, telephone, fax, internet connection, 9 laptops, 46 computers, multifunctional, digital plasma. The educational spaces are used efficiently for: the development of courses, practical training through the technological laboratory and practical training, the development of extracurricular activities: circles, debates, meetings with personalities, recreational activities, sports activities, exams preparation, training of competitions and Olympiads, meetings and lectures with parents.

         In our school we teach a considerable number of students who are vulnerable to vulnerable groups (Roma pupils, pupils from very poor families, children with parents left abroad). They do not attach great importance to the act of education, and therefore we are considering activities that will inspire their love for school, in parallel with the creation of concrete situations in which they feel valued by providing a greater space for affirmation of their abilities and skills .

Our institution supports the community to create a safe and adequate space for formal and non-formal activities. Taking into account the specificity of the community that assures the school population of our unity, we believe that the improvement of the behavior for a harmonious development starts from small ages, and the involvement of our school in such activities was rewarded by the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary years of its foundation, as a mark of appreciation for the exceptional results achieved in the process of intellectual and human training of younger generations, for the promotion of the quality of Romanian education, with the Order “Merit for Education” as Commander.

School url web: https://www.liceulfilipescu.ro/