Riga Secondary School Nr.45 is a non-profit and public body organization founded in Riga in 1954. It is committed to work
towards raising civic awareness to act on their goals and implement projects that have deal with regional cooperation,
strengthening interactive regional relations on various social, political, economic and environmental topics.

The vision of the school is to develop sustainable regional cooperation and opened school to every student.
Its mission is to contribute to sustainable regional development through the provision of services in partnership with

The overall objective of the organization is to promote regional cooperation initiatives, in function of the sustainable development
into the European Union. The specific objectives of the organization are:

• Raising awareness of the need for cultural diversity;
• Encouraging the development of regional initiatives;
• Improvement of indicators of political, environmental and social development at regional level;
• Preparation and implementation of projects aimed at solving problems related to social development;

School has successful experiences working in particular with young people (age 7-18), organizing activities such as trainings,
youth exchanges, seminars, conferences, info-sessions, where it sends and hosts several participants every year.School also
focuses on music. School includes 750 students and 100 teachers. So far school has participated as a partner in KA2 project
and different government projects. Two years ago school got a new creative director, who brings shool in different project and
tries to create an interesting area for students. From the next year school is going to have musical classes and sports classes.
Student amount is increasing. School is full of traditions, culture and different methodology. For example we have dancing
group, chorus and a lot of musical bands which participate in competitions and give concerts to other people. From this school
year school thinks a lot about health, so a big focus is on sports lessons and games. School is open to any new ideas and

Nowadays the number of students who have immigrated or reeimigrated from one country to another have been increased. At
the moment we have students from China, Afganistan, and Vietnam. During the project school would like to share methods and
ways how to help students to be involved in school life and country. School is expecting to get ideas and experience from other
partners. Together all the partners could discover some new methods and ideas to reach the main goal of the project. School
stuff will work together and get new inspiration and ideas how to involve students in successful learning process and school life.

During the work the new ideas and methods will be created. The most important skills are finally got clear with methodology and
different possible ways to include students with different nationalities in one common school.

School web page: http://r45vs.lv/
Erasmus+ Breathe Free Project School website: http://r45vs.lv/erasmus-projekts-breathe-free/